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Union representatives attended the 3rd ICTOH in Jogjakarta 25-27 November. Its goal was to expedite tobacco control work in Indonesia, one of the few countries yet to ratify the WHO FCTC. It has some of the highest smoking rates in the world.
14 October 2016
MPOWER workshop in Dhaka
A workshop on implementation of MPOWER policies was held from 4-6 October in Dhaka, Bangladesh, organised by The Union. 25 participants attended from government departments, NGOs, media and academic institutions.


In the WHO European Region, 16% of deaths in adults over 30 are tobacco related, exceeding the global average of 12% and dwarfing the rates of 3% and 7% in the African and Eastern Mediterranean Regions, respectively. Regarding premature deaths, nearly 20% of deaths in the 30-44 age range and 33% of deaths in the 45-59 age range are tobacco related.

EURO has a remarkably high ratio of male to female tobacco-attributed deaths; five times more men are killed by tobacco than women. However, there is a much higher proportion of female smokers in this region compared with others. 22% of women smoke in Europe, compared with 3-5% in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In some countries, such as Sweden and Norway, more women smoke daily than men. In other countries, such as Croatia and Poland, more girls use tobacco than boys.

WHO Europe. 2015. Data and Statistics. [Online] [Accessed March 2015]. Available from: http://www.euro.who.int/en/health-topics/disease-prevention/tobacco/data-and-statistics

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