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An interview with Dr Kamran Siddiqi, who became Chair of the Tobacco Control Scientific Section for The Union's membership, in December 2015.


An interview with Dr Xiaolin Wei, Chair of the Union's Tobacco Control Section, and Secretary General of the Board of Directors.


The epidemics of tobacco use, TB, and HIV disproportionately affect poor populations throughout the globe - the joint impact of these conditions is greater when occurring together than as single diseases. This is known as the ‘syndemic’ disease burden of multiple conditions. TB is one of the main opportunistic infections associated with HIV/AIDS, and tobacco use has important implications for health outcomes for both TB and HIV/AIDS patients.


A Department Feature.

Ask any tobacco control advocate about the most imminent challenge to their work and the response will almost always be: the tobacco industry. This is true to the core – tobacco industry tactics have evolved to match, offset and sometimes pre-empt development and enforcement of public health policy. This keeps us busy. It is a continuous firefight. Legal challenges, trade negotiations and new products like e-cigs are just some examples of the issues we confront, day in day out.


A Members' Feature.

In the midst of India’s slow-burning battle to introduce larger graphic health warnings on tobacco packs, Mira Aghi’s persistent work on the ground is making a real difference.

In May this year Aghi was interviewed for the Daily Post India, where she said in no uncertain terms that the reason for the government’s reticence to implement life-saving tobacco control policy is because ‘they do not want to displease the tobacco industry or thwart their progress.’


A Union Achiever.

When Anne Jones began working on Australia’s campaign for tobacco control 20 years ago, only a handful of people were involved. Since then, Australia has become a model for what comprehensive tobacco control can accomplish, and Jones has become a leading advisor and advocate for tobacco control in low-and middle-income countries.


A Union Achiever.

Honge Liu, senior technical officer for tobacco control in China, features as The Union Achiever for May 2015. This series profiles the outstanding work of individual staff, consultants and members around the world.  


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