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 Factsheet 1 :Tobacco taxation

FS1This factsheet discusses increasing tobacco tax as the most high-impact and cost-effective way to reduce tobacco consumption, covering the cost of tobacco use to society and increasing dedicated revenue for health promotion.





Factsheet 2: Smokefree policies

FS2This factsheet discusses smokefree policies that ban smoking in certain establishments, venues or defined areas; bans are most effective when mandated by legislation with penalties for non-compliance.





Factsheet 3: Tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship [TAPS] bans

FS3The tobacco industry markets its products through advertising, promotions and sponsorship (TAPS). This factsheet covers why TAPS bans must be comprehensive and cover traditional and emerging platforms for marketing.


Factsheet 4: Tobacco labelling and packaging

FS4This factsheet discusses how effective health warnings—those with large, shocking pictures and strong, clear language—on tobacco packs encourage smokers to quit and discourage non-smokers from starting.





Factsheet 5: Mass media campaigns

FS5Mass media campaigns are an essential part of a comprehensive tobacco control programme, as they reduce tobacco consumption and are cost-effective compared to other healthcare interventions. This factsheet focuses on stop smoking campaigns.





Factsheet 6: Smoking cessation

FS6This factsheet focuses on tobacco dependency as a recognised medical condition; providing assistance for smoking cessation and tobacco dependency treatment are key tobacco control measures.  





Factsheet 7: Tobacco and tuberculosis

FS7This factsheet covers the connection between smoking and tuberculosis. Active smoking is significantly associated with TB disease and deaths, while exposure to second-hand smoke is significantly associated with TB disease, and with TB infection among children and young people.





Factsheet 8: Tobacco and poverty

FS8This factsheet highlights the link between tobacco and poverty. The tobacco epidemic has shifted to low- and middle-income countries, posing a heavy economic burden on these governments.






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