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For nearly 100 years, The Union has been working to advance solutions to the most pressing public health challenges facing people in poverty around the world. We began as an alliance of experts working to cure tuberculosis, and have since extended our remit to related public health challenges with a focus on serving low- and middle-income populations.

Tobacco use is a leading risk factor for chronic lung diseases, as well as cancers, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes - tobacco control is therefore vital to The Union's missionThe Department of Tobacco Control is one of four technical departments – the others focus on TB and HIV, lung health and non-communicable diseases, and research. 

The Union is at work in more than 150 countries each year through a team of more than 350 staff and consultants. Twelve Union offices worldwide bring our services closer to those we serve. As well as being a scientific institute, The Union is also a federation, with more than 20,000 members and subscribers active in 146 countries. Our membership forms a global network of experts - individuals and organisations - collaborating to create and share new research and to build capacity for increasing the quality and success of our work to improve public health. Members affiliate by region so that they can work together to address common challenges.

We are united by our commitment to a shared vision: health solutions for the poor.


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The Tobacco Control Department is based at The Union Europe Office, Edinburgh, registered charity no. SC039880
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